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Boom Legend JILI: How to Play on Play88 Online Casino (2024)

In the rapidly expanding universe of online gaming, Boom Legend emerges as a pinnacle of innovation and entertainment, courtesy of JILI Gaming. Renowned for its dynamic portfolio, JILI Games now presents a game that seamlessly blends traditional fish shooting games with an exciting game narrative, elevating the online fishing game genre to new heights. 

Boom Legend stands out as an online monster shooting game and online slot game hybrid, delivering an unparalleled experience for players seeking an immersive gaming experience.

What is Boom Legend JILI?

In-game screenshot of Boom Legend by JILI Gaming attacking a dragon.

Boom Legend is an online casino fish shooting game by JILI. Players must defeat terrifying monsters using their selected weapons. Players must place a bet on each shot first, ranging from MYR 0.01 to MYR 50. Larger monsters provide better payouts but require more shots to be taken down. The maximum payout is 888 times your bet! Boom Legend by JILI is playable on PC and Mobile devices, and available on Play88

Gameplay and Game Features of Boom Legend by JILI Gaming

Slot Type Reels Min. Bet Size Max. Bet Size Max. Multiplier RTP
Slots 5 0.01 50 888 97%

Boom Legend is engineered to captivate with its formidable weapon arsenal and diverse weapon selection, enabling players to unlock substantial bonuses. This adrenaline-pumping adventure into online gambling ensures precision target control, positioning Boom Legend as the perfect platform for novice and experienced gamers.

From special weapons like Rocket Punch and Lightning Spear to bonus monsters, treasure chests, and exhilarating boss battles, every aspect of the game is tailored to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Boom Legend is replete with special features designed to enhance gameplay. The auto-shoot feature and opportunities for additional rewards introduce an added layer of strategy, with a varied prize range that caters to all players. 

Rocket Punch: The Rocket Punch feature sends a formidable fist soaring upwards, clearing a path through enemies by pushing them back and potentially securing multiple victories and increased rewards in its wake.

Chest: Discovering a Mystery Box on the battlefield provides you with either a Rocket Punch or Mines—each offering unique strategic benefits. Choosing the right tool in response to the game’s dynamics can significantly influence your gameplay strategy.

Mines: Mines can be placed with precision across the map to deal extensive damage to any monster within their blast radius. Ideal for dispersing groups of enemies, this feature can lead to large-scale rewards and assist in managing difficult waves of adversaries.

Axe: Wielding the Axe costs 5X your bet but delivers a devastating attack on a targeted monster. This potent weapon can significantly boost your chances for a victorious outcome, enhancing the reward potential in the process.

Lightning Hammer Expend 15X your bet to call down the Hammer’s lightning upon a chosen monster. This powerful strike not only targets your foe but may also arc to additional enemies, multiplying your chances for rewards and showcasing the game’s dynamic engagement.

Monsters in Boom Legend JILI

Display of monster characters with multipliers in Boom Legend game on Play88.

Players must adapt their strategies in real-time to damage monsters, with special attacks causing damage to monsters and even affecting nearby monsters, amplifying the strategic play.

Goblin Bomber: Upon vanquishing the Goblin Bomber, it releases a bomb that detonates, potentially knocking back monsters caught in the explosion. This mechanic not only damages your foes but also opens up the battlefield for further strategic plays and additional gains.

Medusa: Defeating Medusa activates her last curse: the Medusa’s Eye. This terrifying relic freezes and damages monsters in its vicinity, setting the stage for enhanced rewards as enemies become vulnerable to your attacks.

Dread Knight: Confronting the Dread Knight demands a calculated strategy. Employing the Blade Aura effectively can penetrate the Dread Knight’s defences, allowing players to defeat this menacing adversary and claim victory in these epic confrontations.

In a genius stroke of creativity, Boom Legend integrates Octopus Heads & Arms as part of its enemy roster, introducing a significant element of surprise. This feature unpredictably alters monster behaviour, adding a rich strategic dimension to the game. 

Payouts and Multipliers

Bonus Demon Crocodile with payout information on Boom Legend JILI game at Play88.

The larger the monster, the higher the payout. The paytable in Boom Legend by Jili Gaming starts from 6x with the Goblin, and up to 88,888x with the Crocodile.

The game also has a promising RTP (Return to Player) of 97%, indicating that on average, players can expect to receive 97% of their wagered amount back over time. This relatively high RTP suggests a moderate frequency of Wins, making Boom Legend an attractive choice seeking high reward potential.

Available on Various Platforms

Boom Legend isn’t just confined to a single platform—it’s accessible across a wide range of devices and operating systems, ensuring that players can embark on their epic adventures wherever they go. Whether you’re gaming on a Windows PC, an Android smartphone, a Mac computer, or even through a web browser using HTML5, Boom Legend ensures that the thrill of the hunt is always within reach.

How to Play Boom Legend on Play88

Playing Boom Legend on Play88 is a straightforward and immersive experience, offering players an opportunity to dive into thrilling monster-hunting action. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step One: Research and Understand the Game

Before diving in, familiarize yourself with Boom Legend’s gameplay, rules, and special features. Understanding enemy behaviours, weapon functionalities, and strategic elements is crucial for success.

Step Two: Sign Up on Play88

Register an account on Play88 platform with mascot Boom Legend.

Register an account on Play88 to start your journey. The sign-up process is straightforward, requiring basic information and verification to ensure a secure gaming experience.

Step Three: Make a Deposit 

Deposit funds interface on Play88 featuring wallet balance and transaction options.

After registration, deposit funds into your Play88 account. Choose from various secure payment methods to start playing Boom Legend and potentially win rewards.

Mastering Boom Legend JILI: Proven Tips for Victory

Conquering the exhilarating world of Boom Legend requires not just quick reflexes but also a strategic mind. Whether you’re navigating through the depths as a beginner or steering your way as an adept player, mastering this game demands a blend of knowledge, strategy, and teamwork. 

Here’s how you can fine-tune your gameplay to achieve victory and ascend to legendary status:

  1. Understand Monster Behavior: Each monster in Boom Legend comes with its unique set of strengths and vulnerabilities. Taking time to learn about these can significantly affect your strategy, allowing you to anticipate movements, understand attack patterns, and identify the best moments to strike.
  2. Weapon Selection and Timing: Choosing the right weapon at the right time is crucial. Analyze the situation and select weapons that offer the best advantage against the current threats. Timing your attacks to exploit enemy vulnerabilities ensures maximum efficiency.
  3. Focus on High-Value Targets: Some enemies and bosses offer higher rewards upon defeat. Focusing your efforts on these high-value targets can optimize your resource gains, enabling you to unlock more substantial bonuses and weapon upgrades faster.
  4. Practice and Patience: Like any game, proficiency in Boom Legend comes with practice. Spend time familiarising yourself with the game’s mechanics, experimenting with different strategies, and learning from each encounter. Patience is key; even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome with persistence and a willingness to learn.

Play Boom Legend JILI on Play88

Boom Legend has received widespread acclaim for its thrilling gameplay and innovative twist on shooting games. Players praise its dynamic action, high-quality graphics, and diverse arsenal of weapons. The intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make it accessible to players of all skill levels. Overall, Boom Legend delivers an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that keeps players returning for more.

So what can one expect from Boom Legend? An unforgettable journey filled with thrilling adventures, heart-pounding battles, and endless opportunities for glory. The fate of the kingdom rests in your hands. Gear up, sharpen your skills, and embark on an epic journey into the heart of adventure with Boom Legend by JILI on Play88. Are you ready to carve your name into legend? Let the hunt begin!


1. What Makes Boom Legend Stand Out in Online Fishing Games?

Boom Legend distinguishes itself through its immersive gaming experience, sophisticated bonus opportunities, and the innovative integration of traditional fish shooting games with online slot mechanics. The game’s unique blend of strategy, skill, and luck appeals to a broad audience.

2. How Does Weapon Selection Influence the Game?

Weapon selection is crucial in Boom Legend, as different weapons offer varied abilities and powerful attacks. This selection impacts how players approach different monsters, adding a significant strategic dimension to the game.

3. Are There Any Special Features That Enhance Gameplay?

Yes, Boom Legend includes several special features like the auto-shoot feature, which adds an automated gameplay option, and mechanisms for additional rewards that introduce a competitive layer of strategy to the gameplay.

4. Can You Explain the Strategic Dimension of Boom Legend?

The strategic dimension in Boom Legend revolves around target control, weapon selection, and adapting to changing monster behaviour. Players must constantly strategize to maximize their damage to monsters, manage their resources, and leverage bonus opportunities for the best outcomes.

5. What Other Online Casino Games Does Play88 Have?

You can play online games such as Five Dragon by Mega888, Great Blue by 918Kiss, and live casino games.

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