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Ocean King Mega888 Review (2024): Play for Free on Play88

Ocean King is a multiplayer casino fish shooting game. The objective of this game is simple –  score the highest points to maximise your payouts. Players can choose various weapons with different power levels and bet amount to target the dynamic rare fishes, each with its own unique point values. Ocean King is available on Mega888 and 918Kiss, which you can access via Play88 online casino.

Ocean King Slot Game Review 2024

The Ocean King game by Mega888 and 918Kiss offers an engaging experience where strategy yields high rewards. With a modest RM 30, you can reel in RM3,000, as experienced personally. We recommend starting with RM50 for the best chance at success. Targeting the big fish with laser precision often leads to higher payouts instead of the auto-fire mode. 

All in all, Ocean King is an engaging fish shooting game that combines fun with the opportunity for profit, making each session both thrilling and potentially rewarding.
Explore Ocean King on Play88, a multiplayer fish shooting game. Employ strategy, select weapons, and aim for high-value targets to maximize rewards in this thrilling casino adventure, available on Mega888 and 918Kiss for robust gaming experience.All in all, Ocean King is an engaging fish shooting game that combines fun with the opportunity for profit, making each session both thrilling and potentially rewarding.


Players begin by selecting one of two weapons: a precision laser or a machine gun. Depending on their personal preference and strategy, players can either select auto-shoot or manual mode. Different types of fishes with varying values and health points will appear – the higher the payout, the harder it is to kill the fish.

Occasionally, players can also obtain power ups such as bombs, nets, and multipliers which will drastically increase their winnings. However, you should bear in mind that these fishes and power-ups can be stolen by other players!

Shooting Modes

The ‘Manual’ mode in Ocean King requires precision and timing, allowing players to select their targets and control shot frequency. This mode offers a higher level of control, potentially leading to better resource management and strategic play. However, it requires undivided attention and quick reflexes, which can be taxing over extended playing time.

‘Auto’ mode allows for continuous firing without manual input, providing a hands-off approach that can cover more in-game area and offer a less demanding experience. While it increases shot volume, it may lead to rapid depletion of ammunition or currency, making it a less economical choice for careful players.


The paytable in the image displays various aquatic creatures, each with assigned point values that players can earn by capturing them in the game. 

Here’s a quick overview:
1. The smallest rewards start with creatures like the Clownfish and Butterfly Fish, offering 2 to 3 multipliers.
2. Mid-range creatures such as the Pufferfish and Octopus provide 12 to 20 multipliers.
3. The highest values are given for capturing the most challenging creatures, like the Shark and the Golden Shark, offering 100 to 500 multipliers.

The full list of fishes are as follows: 

  • Lantern Fish
  • Clown Fish
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Snapper
  • Fugu Fish
  • Flounder
  • Sea Turtles
  • Spearfish
  • Lobsters
  • Octopi
  • Lionfish
  • Devilfish
  • Saw Sharks
  • Sharks Bomb
  • Crab
  • Humpback Whale
  • Ocean Lord Killer Whale

Bonus Features

Special Crabs that activate unique weapons or effects. For instance, the Bomb Crab allows a player to release a large area bomb, the Whirlpool Fish releases a whirlpool bomb capturing the same type of targeted fish, and the Chain Lightning captures nearby fish. There’s also a Nail Crab, which releases a nail bomb to pierce through fish, and a Firestorm feature, where players have free shots for 30 seconds, with the score multiplied at the end of the duration.

How to Play Ocean King

Playing Ocean King slot game is easy. You can even play it on mobile devices (iOS & Android), tablets, or on your PC!

Step One: Create a free account on Play88

Step Two: Deposit funds into your account via one of our 100% safe payment options and transfer your preferred amount into your Mega888 wallet on Play88.

Step Three: Launch Mega888 and follow the on-screen prompts to play Ocean King slots!


  1. Do I Get Free ID to Test Demo the Ocean King Game?

Yes, Play88 provides Mega888 test ID to try your favourite online casino slot games for free! To start, simply create a free Play88 account and sign in using the given test ID account details. 

  1. What Deposit Bonuses Are There?

Play88 provides various welcome bonuses of up to 50%, as well as daily reload bonus of RM 388 x 2. There are also Mega888-specific bonuses such as daily reload bonus 10% (up to RM50) and extra jackpot every week when you play & win once on any Mega888 game.

  1. Is Play88 Online Casino Secure?

Yes, Play88 is officially licensed by PAGCOR, Gambling Commission, The Malta Gaming Authority, and Curacao eGaming. 

  1. Is Ocean King Available on Mobile (iOS & Android)?

Yes, you can play Ocean King slots on your mobile phone – whether it is iOS or Android. Additionally, you can play the game on your tablets too! Simply create a free account on Play88 and launch Mega888 to get started. 

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